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"I want to thank you for the inspiration your book gave to me. I want Flame to live always in my heart to inspire me to help animals as he did. I know humans are not allowed in Borderland, but if they ever make an exception...I would love to go! Please keep sharing your art and talent with our world to inspire people to help animals."





"I loved it!"


Katie Guenther, ISF Kids MOB Relations Coordinator



"A lovely little book that teaches compassion and awareness of other creatures and their struggles in a world of people. If you have children this is a must for the bedtime library."


Vincent A Kennard, Author and Wolf Activist



"I was moved by the disarming simplicity of Ms. Johansson’s stories. I wish they had been read to me as a child."


Jonathan Balcombe, PhD, Author of Pleasurable Kingdom



"I enjoyed reading it!"

Lisa. A. Shipley, Professor and Scientist



“A different and memorable book! A book for parents to read to their children!”


Mia Mattsson-Mercer, Author and Animal Psychologist



“These are very touching stories.”


Jeffrey Masson, PhD, Bestselling Author



"Flame, who is the main character in this book, is a small creature visible only to animals and children. He is a tiny and gentle super-hero, who uses his innate fire-power to save animals from various fates. There are three separate tales in this book and in each, respectively; Flame meets some cows, a wolf, and a wood mouse. In each story Flame happens upon animals in trouble and he finds a way to save them.


Anna-Stina Johansson’s stories are very imaginative and warm-hearted tales. I liked them, and found them reminiscent of some old folk tales where animals and children are good and pure; where some animals find themselves in worrisome plights, but later triumph after they get out of their predicaments with the able assistance of an imaginary character.


I recommend this book as enjoyable for an adult to read to and discuss with small children. Additionally, when I read the book to my young grandson, he was quite taken with the lovely illustrations done by illustrator, Goran Bergstom."


RaucousRain | Aug 3, 2012 |



"Flame, the main character in Anna-Stina Johansson's book Flame- The Animal Saver Part One , is a most unusual flame. While invisible to adults, only children and animals can see Flame. Saving animals from death and harm is what makes Flame happy.

The book consists of three stories. The first tells the story of how Flame saved cows from slaughter by leading them to safety. In the second story, Flame comes upon a wolf who had been shot by a hunter. The wolf's wound is serious and he needed help. Flame was able to heal the wound and effectively deals with hunter. The third story is about Flame's discovery of a starved wood mouse. Once again, Flame came to the rescue and saved the wood mouse.

The author puts forth a strong message in each story and that is that the animals were suffering because of human actions. It was fortunate for them that Flame happened upon them. This an excellent book. It can be read to children over and over. The stories are memorable and touching. The wonderful illustrations were done by Goran Bergstrom.

I received this book free of charge through LibraryThing and I give this review of my own free will."


SAMANTHA100 | Aug 20, 2012 |



"This was an adorable children's book that I won on Library Thing. It is about Flame and his ability to save animals. With wonderful illustrations and excellent layout, I was happy to win this book."


lg4154 | Jul 28, 2012 |



Shirley rated it


"Flame uses his supernatural powers to save cows, a wolf, and a mouse from humans. The situations in which the animals find themselves reflect man's lack of respect for the lives of animals. Flame, the hero, can only be seen by animals and children though no children are in the first three episodes of part one of the series. The stories are accompanied by many wonderful illustrations."



Bertha rated it


"I received this book from a member of Library Thing. This book is a collection of three stories about a flame-named Flame- who saves animals from different situations.

Each story is only a few pages so it's a great book to read to a child at bedtime. It's also a good book for reading age children."

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